e-Learning in electrical engineering

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An evaluation? Why?


Developing multimedia tools is something. Using them is something else, especially if we want that this usage to be efficient.

We do not propose a unique method or solution for using the multimedia teaching resources. Too much parameters determine if the usage of such tools could be efficient or not.

Which is the pedagogic context? We are speaking about a "classic" style of teaching, when the multimedia resources are coming as supplemental tools for course, exercises or laboratories? Or we are speaking about a self instruction or long distance learning, when these tools are the main source of information?

Which is the role of the teacher? How does he see his mission? What do his students expect from him? How many students must he coordinate simultaneously? How much is he available to answer to them questions?

Which are the motivations of the students? The discipline is of interest for him a priori, or he studies it because the knowledge is indispensable to follow the studies? Which is their objective? Better understanding of the discipline, or to be capable to pass the exam?

Have the students a straightforward access to multimedia resources? Are they familiar with the information and communication technologies, or it is necessary to teach them before using the tools?

What expect the students and the teachers from these multimedia tools? They see them as a danger, a wasting of the time, an opportunity? What types of usage do they estimate to be reasonable? What types of usage do they consider to be not recommended?

One of the objectives of the e-LEE association is to identify, between all these parameters, the most important items that determine an efficient or not usage of these tools. We also hope, by using the quintessence of the experience, to be able to advise the users (teachers or students) and to allow them to perform an efficient usage, in their opinion, of the tools we propose.

This experience feedback is also useful to us in order to be capable to propose multimedia teaching tools best adapted to different publics we address to.

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