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NOTE: Some of the resources may be, for the moment, in their original language or in Romanian.

In the present, the association develops resources around 4 thematics:

Electric circuits
Describes and exemplifies the basic methods for writing and solving the equations of the electrical circuits (starting with Kirchhoff's 1st and 2nd theorems and reaching the vectorial methods for solving AC circuits, while passing through the theorems of Thevenin-Norton and superposition);
Power electronics
Describes and exemplifies the main topologies and command methods that allow the conversion of the electrical energy by the means of power electronics;
Electrical machines
Describes and exemplifies the operation, making and control of the two most important AC machines: synchronous and induction ones (making, operation equations, operation when supplied from the grid, command - U/f, vector control, DTC);
Renewable energies
Technical presentation and illustration of the electrical energy production by means of renewable resources, like wind power and photovoltaic (PV) ones.
The first two thematics correspond to some basic disciplines of the electrical engineering.They allow the study of two main methods of electrical circuits' analysis. The last two parts correspond to areas that are more pointed and multidisciplinary. One of them is very technical and is addressed to the students specialised in the domain, and the other (renewable energies) is a sector of applications which can be interesting for a larger part of the public.


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